With a background in medical science and post-graduate training as a P.S.H. therapist, Belinda delights in the incredible changes people can make to their health and happiness when they allow their emotional subconscious mind to resolve their issues instead of consciously trying to talk through or analyse their problems.

Past clients have reported significant positive change in the areas of anxiety, depression, cancer recovery, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, compulsive behaviours, unresolved grief, eating disorders, anger management, insomnia, low self- esteem, migraines and headaches, panic attacks, performance blocks, phobias, relationships, stress and tension, weight control issues and many others - often in a very short period of time. 

Unlike many other psychological therapies, with P.S.H. there is no need to discuss the problem at length in order to achieve the desired change. This can be of particular benefit to people who have suffered a traumatic experience which is too painful to talk about or teens who simply don't want to talk about what’s going on for them. And for children, who often cannot verbalise their fears or distress, the P.S.H. approach is ideal. In Belinda's experience behavioural issues, anxiety, sadness, or fear, unresolved traumas, chronic pain, bad dreams, sleeping issues or issues with no medical cause can often be resolved in as little as one session.

Having experienced cancer first hand, Belinda loves to support people in recovering their quality of life after a cancer diagnosis. Belinda founded the Embracing Chemo programme in 2012 to help people minimise the side-effects of cancer treatments while healing the emotional traumas that often accompany such a diagnosis. And in 2017 Belinda founded the Overcoming Chronic Pain programme to help people overcome the subconscious triggers that contribute to the experience of chronic pain. 

"... while playing golf after week 2
[I] found the pain in my back did not get worse as I played. And hasn't since...
I have never felt this positive about pain management." 

'R' Canberra

To find out how P.S.H. can help you, please contact Belinda Hawkins on 0409 619 639.